Monday, January 11, 2010

For Inspiration: Craft Spaces and Organizers

I miss my craft corner. I don't have a biggie room nor do I have my own craft room, but I do have a functional craft corner within my room. I'll be missing it on the first half of this year. Sigh...I wish I can rebuild it easily or bring over my existing stuff. keep me inspired while I go crafting hiatus in the coming days, I find inspiration on other crafters' spaces and organizers.

Who wouldn't fall in love on this apple green shelf? I would. I also love how the scissors line up in a rack.

(image from Ildyson76)

If you like a homey and country style crafting space; then, head over to Modish's Handmade Spaces. Double sigh...I feel nostalgic.

(image from Modish)

You have enough? Hold your breath on the next images. These are fanciful and whimsical craft spaces and organizers. These are too lovely, I guess if I have these spaces I may not be able to create anything due to fear of scratching or disorganizing my spaces. Hhhmmm, but on second thoughts, may be not...crafting on these spaces will be fun.

(images from Craft Blog)

There's so many more inspiring craft spaces that I even itch to give my own craft corner a spanking improvement. We'll see about that. Oh well...until then. Sigh...a double sigh...

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Bored and Crafty January 28, 2010 at 8:46 AM  

*SIGH* To have the white craft room....A girl can dream.

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