Saturday, July 03, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge Vista Points

It will never feel like you have been to San Francisco if you have not paid a "visit" to the Golden Gate Bridge. This world famous bridge is seen countless of times in the hit series "Charmed". 

There are so many vista points to appreciate the beauty of this famous attraction, to name a few: 
  • From the South side of SFO. It's the vista point along the bridge toll booths towards US 101 North. 
  • Fort Point. Click here for directions to the Fort Point National Historic Park.
  • At the Marina Avenue in SFO
  • From Marin County: Sausalito. Take the Sausalito exit; then, drive up to the hill where the road leads you to not just one, but 4 more vista points.
  • Lincoln Avenue and Baker Beach. Turn right out of the south vista point parking lot onto Lincoln. 
  • Palace of the Legion of Honor. Following the 49-mile Scenic Drive towards and from the Golden Gate Bridge offers you great views of the bridge. 
  • On the bridge. Never leave the place without walking, biking, or jogging onto the bridge.
Of course there are more vista points I have yet to discover. One more thing, for great photos of the bridge, the best time is either during sunrise or sunset. The afternoon glow will bask the bridge with yellow tone sun rays; thus, earning it's name as Golden Gate bridge.

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