Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chinatown a Place on Its Own

It was my second trip to Chinatown, SFO; it was almost 9 years since the last time I had been there. This time around, I didn't bring a car, but I took a public transport from the Embarcadero area. It was the first pit-stop of an adventurous day in SFO. The funny thing was, Chinatown was not very far from where we embarked the MUNI (an SFO public transport); it was just a couple of blocks away.

The place had not changed a lot. It was still the same familiar streets and corners. It was a sight-seeing haven with many shops that offered window-shopping opportunities. Each shop in Chinatown except for specialty shops almost carried the same items as it's next door shop. Some of the items sold in Chinatown made me think of home since there are a lot of "made in China" products too in the Philippines. 

There were a number of buildings that were renovated or probably just repainted. It was a good thing that they made sure to preserve the look and feel of the area. There were a lot of whimsical Oriental lanterns, the prominence of the color red, the very distinct Chinese roofs on its buildings, and the inexpensive souvenir items were but only a few of what the place can offer. Chinatown is a place in the middle of SFO that definitely feels like you are in another zone.

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