Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cityscape from the Eyes of a Visitor

The San Francisco skyline is famous for its downtown buildings or the Financial district. In all my travels at SFO, my only viewpoint of the SFO skyline is at the Golden Gate Bridge Marin vista points. It has been a puzzle on my part how to capture the SFO skyline at a closer distance. Now, I realize that taking a ferry from Marin to SFO is the best way to appreciate the SFO skyline up close. 

Taking the ferry already offers a lot of beautiful views, such as the sailing boats; a view of the Coit Tower, TransAmerica, and the Financial District. Furthermore, when you reach the Ferry Building, you will be welcomed by a buzzing activity of visitors, ferry passengers, shopkeepers, and more. There's just so much going on at SFO; a boring day is definitely out of the question.

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