Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going Downtown at San Francisco

In continuation of that adventurous day in San Francisco, aside from exploring Chinatown, a colleague and I visited other parts of the town. Why not, right? We are already in San Francisco, better explore all the places as much as we can. 

Our trusty map brought us next to Lombard, the famous crookedest street* in SFO. It's actually not the crookedest street in SFO, Lombard is just famous for it because it offers a beautiful view of the bay and added to it are the picture perfect houses and street. I missed the chance to take a picture of a cable car in the middle of the street. I was so busy and concerned with catching a ride to Lombard that I had to set aside the desire to take a photo. The cable car was full of tourists and I barely enjoyed the scenery along the way. Nevertheless, an old cable car ride is a must try in SFO. 
I had to check out Japantown. Every time I visited SFO, Japantown was always not on the itinerary. Now I know why, there aren't a lot of attractive landmarks to take photos. Japantown is also smaller than Chinatown. It is not as festive as Chinatown, it is very simple. You can skip it from the list unless you are looking for authentic Japanese food.

Our last stop for that day was Union Square. It was so full of life, there were a lot of yuppies and there was an event going on. There were so many things to see and explore at Union Square especially the boutiques. It felt strange to be in the heart of San Francisco, amidst the hustle and bustle of the people who flocked the town. It was a good feeling though. If given more time, I would have wanted to explore a little bit more of Union Square. We ran out of time. We had to hurry our steps towards the ferry building to catch the last trip back to Marin County. 
It was an adventure-filled day and not even an ill-mannered red-neck could put a downer on my memory during that day.

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