Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wine Tour in Northern California

I know of quite a number of people who are passionate about wines. I am not one of them though, but there's something about wineries and vineyards that attract me. I'm probably influenced by the movies I've seen where some scenes are shot in a vineyard. A Walk in the Clouds and Letters to Juliet are just a few of those movies that make me fall in love with the vineyard scenery. 

I'm so lucky to be staying in the US at a place just a few miles drive to the central wineries in Northern California. Napa, St. Helena, and Sonoma are the counties who grow grapes and manufacture world-class wines. I am not interested in wine tasting obviously because I don't care much about wines (I only prefer champagne and a desert wine), but I do appreciate the scenery. Hence, I didn't pass the opportunity for a road trip to these counties, my own version of the winery tour.

I suggest a tour during spring where it's sunny, but not too humid; and where it's breezy, but not frigid. They say that harvest time during fall is also a great season because you can witness the grape harvest and I bet the fall colors is also lovely. The next time I'll have a chance to visit the place and if it's fall, I definitely would not want to miss the grape harvest.

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