Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's His Birthday Too

My family is a dog lover. In fact, we had two dogs for 10 years who died four years ago; they died a year apart from each other. It was not easy to deal with the death of our dogs (Dax - a Shitzu mutt and Rodeo - a Pomeranian mutt). We had to put Dax to sleep because she had mammary tumor and the veterinarian declared that she was too old to deal with a surgical operation. It was best to just let her go and had her rest. My sister who was there all through out the ordeal watched the procedures and all until Dax closed her eyes. She cried for days; in fact everyone in the family were saddened with the loss. Our only consolation, to put our minds and hearts at rest was, we think it was the best for Dax and I bet she would be happy now. Rodeo died a year after that; it was a sudden death. The day before his death, he was in his usual self; he did not show any signs of illness or bodily discomfort. He was a brave scout till his last breath. The following morning my father found him dead. We had to bury him on a nearby ground where Dax was also laid.

Two years ago, a girl (my sister) cried for empathy from my parents so she would be allowed to pet another dog. My parents were very stern into not having any dog in the family. It was a pain to deal with the death of our dogs. My parents; especially my father, did not want us to go through it again. After much coercion using tears by my sister, my parents had to give in. It was a perfect timing because a co-worker of mine had a litter of pups. We visited the litter and were dead-set to have a boy, but all the boys were promised. We chose a girl and arranged to pick her up a few days after. On the day that we picked up the promised pup, my sister was still hoping that one of the boys would be available. Fortunately, a healthy and chubby ball of white fur passed by my sister's feet; the mom of my co-worker saw the pup and announced that the pup was available for taking. My sister scooped him up and had never let him out of her sight since that night. 

And so now we have Bok. He was born on a Christmas morning and such is all the more reason for us to celebrate Christmas. Bok is the youngest in our family. Everybody adores him and who will not?; especially when he looks into you with his big black eyes. 

Happy Birthday to our button-eyes, Bok. 
Thank you for bringing such joy to our family.
Thank you for teaching us unconditional love.
Thank you for making us laugh.
Thank you for taking away any pains, misery, angst, and tiredness 
that we bring home each and every day.
Thank you for simply being adorable!
We love you and happy birthday! 

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