Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Celebration

Welcoming the New Year involves a frenzy of activities; there's the preparation, family and friends gathering, midnight mass, fireworks/firecracker activities, and "media noche" (midnight meal). The "media noche" has become a tradition in our family. Together as a family we countdown the last few minutes until midnight strikes to 2011. I always miss this family gathering whenever I'm out of the country. Nothing beats celebrating the New Year with your loved ones.

As the New Year strikes, many have already plotted down their resolutions for the coming year. The New Year is a symbol of hope as we start a clean slate. The use of symbolism to bring goodluck is a common tradition in our country. We have a lot of traditions to ensure that the upcoming year is a good one. For kids, parents would tell them to jump up and down so as to become taller . There's also the blowing of a hand-made trumpet, the banging of anything made of metal as long as it creates a lot of noise, or the full-blast music so as to drive away the evil spirits. The preparation of 12 kinds of circular fruits or the wearing of polka-dot so as to bring abundance and wealth. Although these traditions may really have nothing to do with the outcome of the coming year, but it's something fun and an affirmation to everyone's most common hopes, dreams, and resolutions for 2011.

Hope everyone had a safe New Years Eve!

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