Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chasing Light

Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful, romantic, peaceful, and endearing. In fact, I had countless chasing lights adventures since I picked up a camera. I even travelled to a neighboring island in the quest for a perfect sunrise or sunset. 

I realize though that anywhere and everywhere, sunrises and sunsets are awesome. It is however the moment and the company that sets it apart from each other as a wonderful experience.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh Sweet Tooth...Go Away For a Second

Don't ask me how many wafer sticks I finished while taking this shot. I thought I'll never be able to take the image I had in mind before I would consume everything. I might not do well as a food photographer coz' the food would just end up in my tummy where it should rightfully be (grin). Anyhooo...after some restraint on myself I took this shot for Project 64: Chestnut and for my Project 52.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Beat Dance Festival

As the Christmas and New Year holidays pass, the Cebuanos have something to prepare and look forward to every 3rd Sunday of January - it's the Sinulog festival.

Sinulog is a festival for the child Jesus of whom the Cebuanos are grateful for the blessings He has provided. The child Jesus is a reminder of the Cebuanos' acceptance to Christianity. A long time ago when the Portuguese explorers arrived in our shores, they gave the native Cebuanos an image of the child Jesus as a gift. The Sinulog is a commemoration of the Cebuano's conversion from pagan ways to Christianity. 

For 9 days before the festival date, preparations have been underway and the town is buzzing with activities everyday. On the 9th day, the people of Cebu celebrates the day with a feast and a dance festival.

Street dancers parade around the city garbed in their colorful costumes with intricate details of bead works and embroidery. Dance performers carry with them huge props that complements their dance choreography and improvised musical instruments to accompany the dance rhythm.There's a throng of crowd who wants to cheer, watch, and immerse in the festival. It's a whole day event that begins early in the morning and lasts until the wee hours of the night...or perhaps for some until the break of dawn the following day. It has drizzled and rained last Sunday, but the street performers have persevered by catching mini breaks to rest, to eat, to drink, to fix their attire, or simply to be merry.  

To all Cebuanos...
Viva Pit SeƱor

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Color Me Happy

I was reading blogs when links upon links in some posts lead me to an out of the box photography assignment that is related to something that is close to my heart - colors. It's called Project 64: Out of the Box, they are still on week 2 so I definitely do not have a lot to catch up with. For this week's assignment it's carnation pink. 

My mother has a flowering plant that grows right outside my window and every time I wake up I take a peek to see if there's a new bud. This flower has become my favorite subject when I was first learning my DSLR, it never fails to give me a photogenic image; and for a novice it's all I need to keep on going and be inspired.  

Monday, January 17, 2011

Marshmallow Goodness

"It is not the form that dictates the color,

but the color that brings out the form."

(by Van Hoffman)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Rainy Days Are Here Again

I'm embarking on a project which will keep me on my toes...errr...challenged each week. A project that I hope will help keep the creative juices flowing and help me learn more about photography. Many calls it project 52 or focus 52, it's taking one photo each week for the entire year. For me it's not as daunting as a p365...I know I set 2011 as my year to do more, but hey I have to be realistic here. A p365 fails short on the Attainable criteria for a smArt project (as far as I'm concerned though).

So to kick off this project here's one that I took through a car window. This photo pretty much summarizes what my week had been...driving in the rain. Don't worry, I was not driving when I took this shot . It had been raining since the first of January. Rain only stopped for a few hours (probably to take a break and catch it's breath); then, it would rain again from day to night. 

Rainy days had never been my favorite...bad memories, but not just that...I was afraid to grab my camera and took any shots during a rainy day because I always had in mind that it would be dreary, forlorn, and sad.

Last night I set my mind to take a look at rain differently. Boy, I was glad I did and I was so surprised at the amazing bokehs and streaks of lights from raindrops and passing cars' headlights. I was having fun and was on a roll, I won't look at a rainy day the same way again.

Lesson here, if I just redirect my mind or change my perspective on something, there sure will be a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Monday, January 03, 2011

The Golden Gate Park

The San Francisco Golden Gate Park is HUGE. There are also many activities that you can do to fill your day at the park. Sight-seeing, jogging, frisbee, etc. are just but a few of the things you can do at the park. What I like about the park is that it offers a variety of wonderful things to see like the photos below: 

The Speckles Music Temple and a grid of pollarded trees
The Japanese Tea Garden
The Conservatory of Flowers
There are so many things in store for you at the park, which unfortunately I was not able to cover. If I'd be back at SFO, I surely will not want to miss checking out the other places to enjoy within the park.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Good riddance to 2010, it's good knowing you. Hello 2011! We have 365 days to make this year better than the past year; and today is a good day to BEGIN unfolding the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead of you. 

I had not been an ardent goal setter as I always thought that resolutions were usually broken. I changed my mind last year, I jotted a few things for 2010 and realized that most of my resolutions came true. I think it was the power of attraction that was working behind it. 
I am making one this year and I'm picking a word for my year (as Kim Klassen suggested). This word is a summation of all my resolutions for the entire year and every time I think of this word it's gonna send positive energy to make my dreams, aspirations, and intentions  come true. 

Happy New Year everyone!
Keep on dreaming
Claim what is yours
Soar high 
Live life to the fullest 
Have a great 2011!

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