Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Good riddance to 2010, it's good knowing you. Hello 2011! We have 365 days to make this year better than the past year; and today is a good day to BEGIN unfolding the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead of you. 

I had not been an ardent goal setter as I always thought that resolutions were usually broken. I changed my mind last year, I jotted a few things for 2010 and realized that most of my resolutions came true. I think it was the power of attraction that was working behind it. 
I am making one this year and I'm picking a word for my year (as Kim Klassen suggested). This word is a summation of all my resolutions for the entire year and every time I think of this word it's gonna send positive energy to make my dreams, aspirations, and intentions  come true. 

Happy New Year everyone!
Keep on dreaming
Claim what is yours
Soar high 
Live life to the fullest 
Have a great 2011!

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