Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Beat Dance Festival

As the Christmas and New Year holidays pass, the Cebuanos have something to prepare and look forward to every 3rd Sunday of January - it's the Sinulog festival.

Sinulog is a festival for the child Jesus of whom the Cebuanos are grateful for the blessings He has provided. The child Jesus is a reminder of the Cebuanos' acceptance to Christianity. A long time ago when the Portuguese explorers arrived in our shores, they gave the native Cebuanos an image of the child Jesus as a gift. The Sinulog is a commemoration of the Cebuano's conversion from pagan ways to Christianity. 

For 9 days before the festival date, preparations have been underway and the town is buzzing with activities everyday. On the 9th day, the people of Cebu celebrates the day with a feast and a dance festival.

Street dancers parade around the city garbed in their colorful costumes with intricate details of bead works and embroidery. Dance performers carry with them huge props that complements their dance choreography and improvised musical instruments to accompany the dance rhythm.There's a throng of crowd who wants to cheer, watch, and immerse in the festival. It's a whole day event that begins early in the morning and lasts until the wee hours of the night...or perhaps for some until the break of dawn the following day. It has drizzled and rained last Sunday, but the street performers have persevered by catching mini breaks to rest, to eat, to drink, to fix their attire, or simply to be merry.  

To all Cebuanos...
Viva Pit SeƱor

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