Monday, March 28, 2011

Flying Crane

“O flock of heavenly cranes
cover us with your wings.”

Sending more love and wishes of recovery to Japan's tsunami stricken area by joining the bandwagon at 1000 Cranes for Japan. I first heard about the Legend of the Crane when my sister told me about it when she found a Japanese bowl with a crane figure stamped on it. She said it is for goodluck. A few days later the devastation in Japan occurred and now the web wide world is having a movement to fold a thousand cranes for Japan. The crane is said to be a symbol of happiness and eternal youth most likely because they have a life span of a thousand years. In fact, the Japanese believes that cranes represent longevity and good fortune. The tradition of folding a thousand cranes is an act of wishing for happiness, praying for recovery or protection, and spreading hope during a challenging time. I encourage you to fold cranes, donate, or pray for Japan. 

This is also my entry for Tickle Me Pink at Project 64 Out of the Box. Head on over there for more tickling or blushing :-). 

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wedding Snippets

One weekend, I was assisting a friend to a wedding event. The wedding was solemn and full of emotions from the couple, family, and guests. Other than it was a day to celebrate love; there was also a shroud of somberness because the bride's father was admitted to an ICU the day before the wedding. A black butterfly came to visit during the church ceremony. In our culture a black butterfly signifies a soul and many believed that the butterfly represented the bride's father who wanted to be there for his daughter during her special day, but who could not be there physically. The day also turned out unexpectedly for me because I found that the bride was a former batchmate in college. What a small world after all!  

Below is a snippet of a wedding coordinated by Karen of Kai Concepts who did an awesome job to bring to life a heavenly theme of blues, angel wings, and beautiful flowers.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Daisy in Full Bloom

Two things came to my mind when the color (scarlet) was revealed. I could only think of the movie Scarlet Letter and an actress named Scarlet Johanssen. In other words, I did not know what color is scarlet. I only knew that it's in the reds or oranges, but I could not be too sure. I had to consult a color chart to distinguish whether scarlet is a red or an orange. The biggest realization I had is that scarlet is an in between of a red and an orange. To make my life easier, I started to think of red-orange. Viola! It worked coz' I found a daisy which is a scarlet color. Be sure to blog hop at Project 64: Out of the Box and check out for more scarlet finds.
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Millionaire's Game

This board-game is quite old and it has seen its days, but the pieces are still intact. I hope that one day I'll turn this over to the next generation. This board-game can easily be bought in stores, but I value this set for it's intangible value. This brings back memory lane of big dreams and of a time before life gets in the way. For those who dreams, for those who re-discovered dreams, and for those who are on the way of accomplishing their dreams, don't let the reality of life destroy it. I leave you the inspirational poem below.

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it
Life is beauty, admire it
Life is bliss, taste it
Life is a dream, realize it
Life is a challenge, meet it
Life is a duty, complete it
Life is a game, play it
Life is a promise, fulfill it
Life is sorrow, overcome it
Life is a song, sing it
Life is a struggle, accept it
Life is a tragedy, confront it
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.
(Mother Teresa)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lifestyle Shoot: Just Because - Kathy

She's a responsible sister, a caring aunt, a valuable colleague, and a good friend. 
She's got great qualities and traits. 
She does not want to fight. 
She listens to everyone's woes if you let her. 
She does not complain. 
She threads life with the best that she can regardless of the situation.
She's brave. She has suffered loss and has withstood from it. 
She's a great person, but sometimes she does not know that. 
She forgets that she is unique and beautiful in her own way. 
This shoot is for her. It's empowering her to be the woman that she is.  

BEADS of Friendship

Creative photographers encourage aspiring ones to take images that mean something to the photographer. The image can be a thing of beauty, a landscape, a beautiful light, full of vibrant colors, a memorable event, a slice of life, and the list can go on.

For long I avoid taking photos of something that carries sentimental value. Today, I'm trying to slowly peek out from that shell. I have been cleaning and reorganizing where I  find a number of things that have significance to me at one point in my life (check out this post for my other find which can also help you in your organization). The beads in my image, other than it is yellow green and that it perfectly fits the very first Project 64: Out of the Box challenge, this is also a reminder of a past-time I once tried to master and helped me got through a challenging time. These beads belong to a memory of not so long ago when friendship is built with other ladies who have gathered together for one common passion - to learn a dance. 

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Loyalty of a Furry Friend

A loyal and trustworthy friend is so rare to find. You meet many people each day, new acquaintances, and increase the number of so-called "friends" in facebook, but how many are indeed REAL friends? It may be painful, but it's true others be-friend you for a "something is in it for me" reason or to spy and gossip on you. In a society today where it's hard to discern HONEST, NON-JUDGEMENTAL, and UNPRETENTIOUS ones, it has become so tiring to weed out the fake ones. Sometimes it's too late to find out and you are already in deep trouble with them. It's a good thing that at end of the day, you go home and be welcomed by a furry friend who is pure at heart and is your friend through and through. We are glad for Bok, our real furry friend!

Click here for the video and an English transcript about a loyal dog who stood by his injured friend during and after the disaster in Japan. It's also time to reflect on yourself. Be very honest on your reflection. You may use a mirror to reflect on it (pun intended). What kind of friend are you? Do you have friends who will be with you through thick and thin? After reflecting, don't forget to DO something about it!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Everything that is new or uncommon raises a pleasure in the imagination, because it fills the soul with an agreeable surprise, gratifies its curiosity, and gives it an idea of which it was not before possessed. (Joseph Addison)

Surprised is exactly what happened to me after I took this image. I liked the tear-drop like bead fringes; thus, I took a photo of it. When I looked at the LCD, I found that the light behind it created a nice white backdrop and the big aperture I used added a touch of bokeh, which I also liked. This is also my plum image submission for Project 64: Out of the Box. Whew we are not halfway through the box yet, it's still a long way to go! Nevertheless, discovering color in my surrounding has never been this fun. 
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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Last Friday we heard the terrible news of the earthquake and the tsunami that hit Japan. I'm glad that my country is safe from the tsunami threat, but I am also saddened of the devastation in Japan. On this time of loss and devastation, let hope and faith be our strength to face the aftermath. 

May those who have been spared find comfort and gratefulness.
May the souls of the lost lives find peace.
May the country rehabilitate fast and soon.
May everyone else find strength from each other.
May all stand united and extend a helping hand.
On an unrelated note; I experimented with square image as discussed in Exploring with a Camera by Kat in The Kat Eye View of the World. It's another great way of composing photographs. It's fun and very interesting; you must try it. 

I Welcome You Spring...

 ...And if you're not here yet, please hurry! It's March and spring is here (or almost), time flies so fast. Spring is my favorite season when I'm in the US. I feel motivated to accomplish something and spring cleaning tops in my agenda. Who says it's too early for that? I believe it's never too early to weed out what's old, unnecessary, or the excesses. Gotta need a clean space for good Chi to flow. Behold what I found, a photography backdrop tube or background core made out of cardboard.

Other than it's a prop for a stuffed ogre baby doll, this tube is actually used to roll fabrics or seamless papers for easy storage. That means no more wrinkles and uneven rolling of fabrics or paper. As you can see its not an ordinary core, it is thicker and will not bend with heavy fabrics.It's size is 56" inches x 1 1/3" inches in diameter.

I also found a bigger tube in 50"inches x 4 1/4" inches in diameter size. This can also be used to store posters or what have you. I have more than what I need, so if you are interested I am selling it at $15 for the small ones and $20 for the biggie plus $8 the cost of shipping via USPS. Shipping will take to 5 to 7 days.

It will be shipped the way you see it and sold as is with no returns. This offer is available to the continental USA only because the item is in USA. I only accept paypal as a form of payment. Click on Contact to order. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Point Reyes

A picture of a stranded old boat on the way to Point Reyes lured me to explore the place. I found the image of the stranded boat very intriguing and the adventurer in me was itching to have my own photo of such an interesting sight. It was quite a long drive from Sonoma County, but the picturesque country roads was worth it.

The famous lighthouse, is the vantage point to observe whale migrations. Be warned that you have to take hundred or more steps just to reach the lighthouse. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing depending on when you plan to visit the place. The Pacific ocean breeze, the cliff view, the beautiful rock formations, and the sound of the waves are worth the trip.

The Point Reyes attraction is subject to park rules depending on the season and weather; thus, I suggest that you check out the links below before you head over there.

Point Reyes National Park
Point Reyes Marin County Organization

Monday, March 07, 2011

"A Smile is A Curve That Sets Everything Straight"

Read books or scour the internet and you will see a lot of affirmations about smiling. Science also proves that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. Self-help books will teach you to start the day with a smile and the day will go right. Many inspire others to take heart about smiling; in fact, even Ketut in the Eat, Pray, Love book told the author (Liz Gilbert) to "smile even in your liver". Smiling is believed to chase the bad energies away so good energy can make way. Okay, enough said! How much more shall I convince you and I to just SMILE? :-)

My photo submission for Project 64 Out of the Box is an "abandoned" teacup which I found at a second-hand shop of items coming from Japan. I cannot help, but acquire the little teacup because it reminds me of "Chip" in the Beauty and the Beast movie and of course looking at it just makes me smile. 
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P.S. Title quote by Phyllis Diller. Texture by Kim Klassen.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Tummy Comfort

I have a new found appreciation to food bloggers out there. It's difficult to take photos of the delicious food in front of you without succumbing to the temptation of consuming it. It's not easy to jot down notes about the place, the food, the price etc. without your mind wandering. I have been in several instances where I bring my camera to capture a photo on the food and the restaurant. But until now it has never been a success. I fail to restrain myself from devouring the bounty in front of me. As you can see in the photos below, I manage to capture some pictures of the appetizer and the coffee after meal; however, the main course is missing. Now, you know what I've been doing in between appetizer and dessert/coffee. 
“I am acutely aware of food 
it's omnipresence is astounding.”
  (Adam Scott, The Monkey Chow Diaries)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Baby Bump: Catrina Part 2

There's a certain glow on moms-to-be and in my observation this is especially true to first time mothers. Their "au naturale" beauty is perhaps due to the anticipation of bringing a new life into this world and of motherhood. A pregnant mom's journey for 9 months can be adventurous or smooth sailing. I've heard mommies say that each pregnancy is a different experience from each other. Regardless of how each pregnancy is, it is a very significant and momentous event for a woman and her family. A baby bump is a gift and it should be treasured. Capturing this pregnancy glow is as important as any special event; hence, I am grateful to be an instrument of making this memory last for a lifetime for the mother, for the child, and for the family. 

Catrina is one glowing and pretty preggy. Who knows that a baby bump can still make a woman very sexy. This is the final installment of our photoshoot. Thanks Cat for giving me the opportunity to capture awesome pics of you and baby CJ, who is still kicking inside your tummy and waiting for his expected date. Be safe both of you!
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