Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Baby Bump: Catrina Part 2

There's a certain glow on moms-to-be and in my observation this is especially true to first time mothers. Their "au naturale" beauty is perhaps due to the anticipation of bringing a new life into this world and of motherhood. A pregnant mom's journey for 9 months can be adventurous or smooth sailing. I've heard mommies say that each pregnancy is a different experience from each other. Regardless of how each pregnancy is, it is a very significant and momentous event for a woman and her family. A baby bump is a gift and it should be treasured. Capturing this pregnancy glow is as important as any special event; hence, I am grateful to be an instrument of making this memory last for a lifetime for the mother, for the child, and for the family. 

Catrina is one glowing and pretty preggy. Who knows that a baby bump can still make a woman very sexy. This is the final installment of our photoshoot. Thanks Cat for giving me the opportunity to capture awesome pics of you and baby CJ, who is still kicking inside your tummy and waiting for his expected date. Be safe both of you!
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