Saturday, March 19, 2011

BEADS of Friendship

Creative photographers encourage aspiring ones to take images that mean something to the photographer. The image can be a thing of beauty, a landscape, a beautiful light, full of vibrant colors, a memorable event, a slice of life, and the list can go on.

For long I avoid taking photos of something that carries sentimental value. Today, I'm trying to slowly peek out from that shell. I have been cleaning and reorganizing where I  find a number of things that have significance to me at one point in my life (check out this post for my other find which can also help you in your organization). The beads in my image, other than it is yellow green and that it perfectly fits the very first Project 64: Out of the Box challenge, this is also a reminder of a past-time I once tried to master and helped me got through a challenging time. These beads belong to a memory of not so long ago when friendship is built with other ladies who have gathered together for one common passion - to learn a dance. 

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