Thursday, March 17, 2011

Loyalty of a Furry Friend

A loyal and trustworthy friend is so rare to find. You meet many people each day, new acquaintances, and increase the number of so-called "friends" in facebook, but how many are indeed REAL friends? It may be painful, but it's true others be-friend you for a "something is in it for me" reason or to spy and gossip on you. In a society today where it's hard to discern HONEST, NON-JUDGEMENTAL, and UNPRETENTIOUS ones, it has become so tiring to weed out the fake ones. Sometimes it's too late to find out and you are already in deep trouble with them. It's a good thing that at end of the day, you go home and be welcomed by a furry friend who is pure at heart and is your friend through and through. We are glad for Bok, our real furry friend!

Click here for the video and an English transcript about a loyal dog who stood by his injured friend during and after the disaster in Japan. It's also time to reflect on yourself. Be very honest on your reflection. You may use a mirror to reflect on it (pun intended). What kind of friend are you? Do you have friends who will be with you through thick and thin? After reflecting, don't forget to DO something about it!

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