Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pre-Christening: baby CJ

Okay, I admit I have a thing for taking pictures of babies and their cute little feet, fingers, and chubby cheeks. That's just what happened when I took pictures of baby CJ who by the way is 2 weeks old. I am surprised that he can now open his eyes and really look at you. I don't think I'm imagining it, I think he really does! A newborn does not have clear eyesight yet, but it looks like baby CJ is not having problems with that or perhaps it can just be "muscle reflex" as what his mom claims it to be. Some "muscle reflexes" indeed because he can stretch his arms and legs like a big boy. He can let out a very BIG yawn. He can tap his fingers like a musician and by the way he's got long beautiful fingers for a baby. He should probably learn piano or guitar when he gets older. The most interesting though is he can do a half-opened one eye and uses it to tell you something like, "what are you doing with that big black thingy pointing at my bodily parts?". 

The next day is his christening/baptism. He's one lucky boy to have parents and grandparents who dote and adore him so much. Welcome baby CJ and make your parents proud! 


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