Friday, April 22, 2011

Sun Flare

Sun rays oh sun rays
Never hide behind a cloud,
Sun rays all my days
That's what love's all about;
Give me no raining shower thought,
Nor glimpse of shadows I've caught. 
(Peter Quinn)

Sun flare/rays has become my friend. I chase after sunsets/sunrises before, but now I want to capture the perfect light coming from sun flares. The golden hour before sunset brings very nice light to photography, but I still have much to learn. I was giddy with joy when I saw the beautiful light streaming in the opening of the Timobo cave, Camotes. Just as if the Universe has conspired with me, the flickr world and several other blogsites I follow like Mortal Muses and Exploring With A Camera make the sun as a photo theme. Just my luck!
Timobo Cave, Guadalupe
Camotes, Cebu, Philippines

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