Friday, May 13, 2011

Play Time: Angel, Alleah, Josh, & JB

Summer heat + water = kids at play! What happens when there are 4 kids and a baby? It's chaos...a "good" chaos though. This was what happened when I met up with 3 of my friends for an out of town trip. It was fun spending time with my friends and their brood. The stars of the trip were not the adults, it was the little people. 

Angel. She's got personality! Her dad calls her "baby" police because she wants to be a policewoman someday. She's a "tomboy" and she's not afraid of the water. She does not have formal swimming lessons, but she braves the pool by jumping right into it. She taught herself to hold her breath underwater and swim in her own way (grin). 

Alleah. She has grown up to be a very charming girl. A couple of years ago, she was very shy. She did not easily warm up to people and seeing her smile was like hitting a jackpot. Nowadays, you can easily coax her to smile and she's more sociable. She's one witty and adorable little girl.

Josh & JB. Two brothers. Two different personalities. The water brings them together for play, but their blood relationship binds them for life.

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