Monday, June 20, 2011

Palette Interestingness

A bug bit me. The color palette bug that is. If fashion has a fad; then, in photography this photo color palette technique is the latest trend. This technique is inspired from mood boards created by interior designers. I'm hooked because the color swatch added a punch to a photo. Below are the steps to create a palette: 

1. Upload your photo to a Color Palette Generator. I used Pictaculous.
2. After you have successfully uploaded the photo, click on Get My Palette.
3. Click Download Adobe Swatch File; then, save it.
4. Open in Photoshop the downloaded file. The colors will be added to the Photoshop swatches.
5. Open too in Photoshop the image you uploaded in step 1.
6. Click the Crop tool and clear out the Width and Height values.
7. Be sure that the background color swatch is set to white.
8. Crop the photo and extend the dimension to your preference.
9. Add each swatch color using the Shapes tool.
8. Press CTRL + T to freely transform each swatch shape.
9. Adjust the dimensions to your preferred size.

I also used this technique for my Olive Green color find of this week. You will find my photo at Project 64: Out of the Box because I'm also guest posting there. Please check out Project 64 for more color finds.

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