Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Damsel in distress. De-stress Please!!!

Early morning commute has been a nightmare and it has become worse since schools re-opened for this year's classes. It has been a stressful drive to work and I have not yet found the magic hour where there is no heavy traffic and drivers are law-abiding.

It is very stressful and each day I wish driving in the U.S. freeways. Though there are times that I find it boring driving with speed limits in an automatic car, now I crave for it compared to what I have to endure lately. I have been dawdling on posting something like this because I really want to capture the driving scene that makes me crazy, but since am mostly on the wheel...I never had a chance :-(.

Don't you just wish that your morning commute will be as free-flowing and orderly as the scene in the photos below?


Sigh!!! Somehow I miss this place. Shots were taken last year at San Francisco and Marin county freeways (California, USA).

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