Monday, July 04, 2011

Family Portrait: Rina, Lara, and Khanna

Do you remember the adorable girl in the Sneak Peek a few days ago? She's Khanna Alexis and she spells her name KhannaA lexisY, with the Y being the first letter of her last name. Her mom kept on telling her to transfer the "A" before "lexis", but she insisted that there was no need because the A was  already there. Just see the dagger look in her eyes, it shall make any adult tremble. :-) It took time to warm her up, it was a good thing I brought chalkboards and chalks for her and her sister to play with.

But hey, this is not a photo session for Khanna alone because this is a family shoot with her big sister, Lara, and lovely mom, Rina. 


I met with the family at around 9am, but the sun is not wasting time to spread sunshine to this family. It was also a warm day, we were sweating profusely due to the lack of breeze, which is not quite what I remember the last time I was at the same location.


The family is cool and game enough to pose and just be themselves especially the kids when it's play time. Kids are at their best when they are just allowed to be themselves during a photo session; this is the reason why I prefer non-studio type locations so kids can go wild with their energy and imagination. It's challenging for a photographer, but come sorting time, it's fun to browse and go over the honest expressions.

I am a believer that the best picture is not always the one with the most beautiful smile and pose, but it is one that has loads of personality and emotion. 

Thank you Lara, Khanna, and Rina for spending your Saturday morning with me. XOXO

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