Friday, July 29, 2011

Off Topic: Adding Blogger Menus (Made Easy)

For beginner bloggers with minimal HTML knowledge, tweaking a blog template becomes frustrating at times. Information is out there in the world-wide web, but sometimes they are too technical for simple bloggers. I've decided to share what I have learned while tweaking my blog to add a menu (E.g. Home, About Me, Contact Me, etc.)

Two ways to add Blogger menus:

1. Add a Page 
  • Access the Blogger Dashboard; then, click on Edit Posts. 
  • Select Edit Pages; then, add a new page. 
  • Specify a Page Title which will appear as the menu label.
  • Publish page and you're done.  
Note: The disadvantage to this method is that the menu page is static and it cannot automatically link to another website or link. If you want a menu that will link to another website; then, the next method is for you.

2. Use of Link Bar/Link List

Note: This method is applicable to Blogger templates with Link Bar or Link List gadget. 
  • Access the Blogger Dashboard; then, click on Design.
  • Edit Link List/Link Bar to display Configure Link List window.
  • Fill in the necessary information and if the menu is a web link, be sure to fill in the New Site URL.
  • You may automatically sort the menu order or you may click the arrow up or down beside the Edit/Delete options of each menu.
  • Save the changes; then, verify.
I hope these helps all the frustrated Bloggers out there and since this is a photo blog, I'm leaving you all a postcard shot. I'm still wishing, hoping, and praying for clear skies and a perfect weather. I'll be heading to the beach in a week. Woohooo!!!

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