Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cyrus Joachim: Four Months

Cyrus Joachim, also known as baby CJ among friends and family, is now four months old. I cannot believe it that time flies so fast. Wwooohoooo!!!

His mommy gave birth to him four months ago. Four months had passed since he was christened and his birth was welcomed with great happiness. The first time I saw him, he could barely open his eyes and he just kept on sleeping. Now, he has better grasp on his surroundings. He now recognizes people and things, but he still needs support on sitting and standing. For sure a few months from now he will be one busy body doing all the crawling, grasping, etc. 

His mom is busy taking care of him that she sometimes does not have time to capture his  moments. Documenting baby milestones are important especially before he turns one; thus, I'm glad to be again given the opportunity to take pictures of CJ at his very young age. The birthday of CJ's dad was coming up at the time we had the photo session; thus, we incorporated a family picture (because the dad is out of the country) and a birthday greeting as Catrina and CJ's gift. Aaawwww so sweet!!!

Head on over at Facebook for more photos of this session. 

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blue elephant photography August 31, 2011 at 3:50 PM  

hi belle! cute photos! how are you!? thanks for stopping by my site :)

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