Thursday, August 04, 2011

Small, but definitely NOT terrible

I am drawn to your big round eyes. I am amazed at your small size, 
you seem to be as big as my palm or perhaps even smaller. 

I am curious at your appearance, you are a primate that is for sure but you have a long tail that reminds me of a rodent. I am wondering what you are thinking or feeling. Do you wonder why people look at you with awe, amazement, or wonder? Are you bored? Are you hurt that you are in a contained environment and not in the wild? Do you miss your own kind? These are the thoughts and questions that goes on in my mind during a close encounter with a tarsier (the world's smallest monkey). 

In as much as I like to see them at close up, I feel a pang of guilt because some of them are exploited for tourist attraction. I'm glad that our government has taken conservation action for the species' survival. In fact, there are only a few tarsiers left in some Bohol tourist spots compared to years ago when these small primates are seen almost anywhere. I'm glad that I have a chance for another glimpse of this endangered specie and capture his expressions.

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Unknown August 5, 2011 at 8:35 PM  

Oh, my, goodness! What an amazing little creature! Those eyes are quite something eh? Great capture! Glad to know they are being protected, hopefully they will be around for a long, LONG time! Thanks for sharing!

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