Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family: The Cenabre's

The law of attraction works, it does not happen right there and then, but it does happen at the right time. 

This beautiful family I had the opportunity to photograph is an example of that. When I decided to take a turn towards portraits, I had thought of the Cenabre's for a family session. I had doubts if Toni and Jimmy would be interested, but I had a feeling that they would want it for their girls. I started to day dream for days of a concept shoot. I thought of a school for the location and a theme that will revolve around the location. But I never had the courage to contact Toni and let her know about my idea. I kept it to myself and it was eventually forgotten.

So imagine my excitement when one day Toni sent me a message of her interest for a family session. A family session!!! It's more than what I asked for. Oh and there's more, they are checking in at the Imperial Palace Water Park in Mactan for a weekend and they want the family session there. Without hesitation, I said YES. It's a double excitement for me: a session with the family I dreamed and a chance to see what the water park has to offer.

There's a certain aura to this family that attracts me to capture their bond. They look like they are just a "barkada" (group of friends), the couple (Toni and Jimmy) are approachable and very accomodating, the girls (Jamie and Jana) are polite and in every smile they turn my way easily breaks down my trepidation of not being able to jam with them. The session may have started with a drizzle; then, a downpour, but just like the promise of the double rainbow, the family's cool and awesome personality brought an array of pastels and vibrance to an otherwise overcast day. 

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