Friday, September 16, 2011

People and Their Stories

Blood is thicker than water. Siblings may squabble, but at the end of the day, they are each others comfort and ally.

A photography subject that I find fascinating is the human interaction, facial expressions, and everyday lives. Sometimes it is a challenge on how to channel into images a certain emotion or action. The idea may be there, but some moments are fleeting that you have to act fast and click without hesitation. Most often, I thought to myself, what is their story?

It happened to me last weekend when I was checking at a water park for a good spot. I was just passing by when I saw two kids who held hands while taking a dip at the pool. At that time my mind was over active and I was imagining their story; hence, without second thoughts I pressed on the shutter and went my way. I truly believe that the kid's parents were not taking any chances on safety. The kids with their floating jackets stood out among the other kids at the water park who were not wearing any. But what caught my eye was their closeness; they held hands and the older sister ensured that her little brother was always at her side. It was so endearing to witness the bond between siblings.

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