Saturday, September 10, 2011

She Just Turned One

My friend's youngest daughter turned one year old last month. First birthdays in Asian culture is usually a cause for celebration; hence, we had a photo session with Mary Bernadette as she turned one. I had a difficult start with the little girl and my mind at that time was thinking fast on how to appease the youngster.

No, she didn't cry, but her eyes kept darting to the people around and she would always have this inquisitive look. Most of the time too, she could not be bothered away from her toys and she even turned her back on me when I was about to snap a photo of her. 

And when she did look up, she became curious on the big black thing that I was holding up. She would crawl towards right in front my face or should I say camera. It was as if she was teasing me or she just wanted to play. 

Eventually, she would not have any of our antics. She cried and even looked totally bored. So we decided to give her a breath of fresh air. 

Viola! Her mood changed when we let her be at the garden. She could not stop trying to stand up, taking baby steps, and grasping on anything that she could hold. I bet a few months from now she could no longer be stopped from running around. Goodluck to her mom and nanny.

I'm glad that baby "Bernice" as she is fondly called by one of her "ninangs" (godmother) is showing signs of a healthy toddler. She is growing up fast right before our eyes. She has grown baby teeth, she is improving and practicing her motor skills each day, and she is definitely a joy to watch most especially when she smiles and finds something fascinating.

We wrapped up the session when we could no longer pull her out from her own world. She became so engrossed on a lotion bottle. In fact it made her cry when we attempted to take it away from her for safety reasons. 

It was a difficult start yet am happy to say that I survived. Most importantly, I trudged on despite the challenge and I am glad that I did because upon reviewing the photos, I felt satisfaction that I captured the honest expressions and behavior of a one year old. How I wish my mom had the inclination to document my childhood; perhaps this is one of the reasons why I enjoy doing this for others. 

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