Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Travel: Boracay Here We Come

I was excited to go to Boracay last August, but I was also worried that it might not be the best time because the monsoon season just begun; thus, I was expecting lots of rain. But still I prayed that the sun would shine brightly on the weekend that I would be at Boracay.

Fortunately, our group arrived at Caticlan without a hitch and the boat ride to Boracay island was uneventful. So far the weather was good and everything went smoothly. It was a good sign that we would have a great weekend after all. 

We planned the Boracay excursion just a month before the trip. It was a non-peak season so we were not afraid that hotels would be fully booked. In fact, we scored a good deal at La Carmela de Boracay for it's Barkada Package during the non-peak season. It came with a meal, but you would only have a choice of pork and chicken for every meal. It was great for budget conscious travellers like us, but eventually you would get bored with it. I was amazed at the hotel's chef who whipped up different kinds of pork and chicken dishes in every meal. You may upgrade the meal to a buffet selection for an additional fee; however, I suggest that you check out the buffet dishes first before deciding to upgrade.

Food, fun activities, night life, and everything else that you might need is not something to worry at the island. The island is teeming with restaurants and establishments that sell almost all you need. The island is buzzing with activity from morning till dawn. I believe the island does not sleep.

We had a lovely day over the weekend and on our last day; it was as if the sky knew that we were leaving. It was gloomy and rain started to pour. Nevertheless, it was a great Boracay vacation. Until now I miss the beach and I miss the island. I will still go back even if it would be my third time around. 

 Station 2, Balabag, Boracay island
Malay, Aklan, Phils. 

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