Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Juntilla's (Soon Will Be a Family of 4)

"Oneness. We are hues of color, yet one 
In Spirits blossom"

I am so grateful to be trusted by another awesome family to photograph them. It's a family of three for now...but it won't be for long. There's Mia, the queen of the household (don't kill me for this Mia); Edwin, the king (well I have to be consistent with the metaphors :-)); and Loise, the little spunky princess. The funny, vivacious, feisty, and cute little girl is a dear princess and that's the reason why I have to continue with the analogy and refer both Mia and Edwin as the queen and king of their households, respectively. 

Anyway, Mia and I agreed to have a maternity session on her 8th month for memories sake. But days before the agreed date, we decided to let Loise tag along. We were about to have a photo session, when unexpectedly, the park location we went to closed for the day. This turn of events was a boon because Mia mentioned that her hubby would have wanted to be included in the pics too. I definitely welcomed such request because it would be more livelier and memorable to have a family photo session; thus, a reschedule was in order. Moreover, she happens to live in a military base of which I always wonder how to get a special pass. You see, I know that this military base has well kept meadows and trees arranged like a military platoon (grin). Kidding aside, I wanted so much to take a picture of those trees as a background. I'm glad that the park closed for that day because one downer was exchanged with two blessings in disguise. 

The Juntilla's are awaiting for another bundle of joy, a baby boy. It's so nice because Loise will soon have a playmate. It's also a great blessing for Mia and Edwin because they will soon have a boy-girl pair. Loise is a spitting image of her papa. I wonder if the newborn will have her mama's looks and if that so happens Mia will have her own look-a-like :-). 

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Anonymous October 21, 2011 at 5:40 PM  

tks belle this is such a nice pics we have, its a coincidence that my husband have time to be with us.. Such a wonderful moment with perfect 3, soon God's will be 4.

Bel October 22, 2011 at 3:58 PM  

@Anonymous: You're welcome Mia, it was my pleasure to meet your Loise and hubby. Take care always.

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