Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{A Glimpse in the Life} The Campano Family

Remember this photo from the Sneak Peek? I did not understand why the little boy, Gyan, gave me a thumbs up. I took it as my cue that he was ready to pose. Boy, I was wrong because every time I shouted the 1-2-3-pose, he would not keep still instead he would move around; hence, I clicked the shutter continuously. It was when I reviewed the shots that I realized what the thumbs-up was after all. It was Gyan's way of confirming whether I am ready to take his picture of "acting" like a pirate. You see, Gyan was bringing a pirate hat prop and he took it upon himself to act like one. So every time I called in the posing cue, he would strike his imaginary sword into mid-air just like he's in for a sword fight. :) 

I like the Campano's, they were not camera shy at all. I even received suggestions like a yoga pose and in fact, the two boys: Liam and Gyan was very ready with their sporty attire complete with a golf club and soccer ball. They took it seriously too, or should I say Gyan was into it. He placed his hand onto his forehead to strike a pose like he was estimating the distance of the hole.

The young boys were not missing in action at all, for there they showed up at their parents couple shot too. They liked to ham it up for the camera even the cutie-pie, Liam, gave me a ramp model walk and a pose while Gyan followed...and went passed by his brother. 

Young boys and girls are really opposites in more ways than one; that is as far as I had observed during photo sessions. But it did not mean that I did not equally enjoy the session with the boys. Who would ever come up with poses such that they were "plants and zombies" accompanied with a "sssshhhhinnnngggg" sound? I felt a tremendous generation gap when I was bewildered what they were doing and what it was about. Thanks to their mom, Mar, for coming to my rescue. 

When it comes to sessions with kids, I like to do it outdoors, I had noticed that their personality and characters come out naturally in such an environment and you would never miss a wonderful story behind every shot. 

And I guess it would apply to adults too. Bordz and Mar were so game with every pose and I even let them do some engagement style poses for which they just jumped right in without hesitation especially, Bordz. I guess the kids took it after all from the parents for their wacky and fun poses. 

Days before the session, I was thinking all the time that Mar would be wearing a girly dress to astonish everyone. My, I was extremely looking forward to it, but she remained true to herself (grin). Maybe next time Mar? Shall we say, complete with a long gown and stiletto heels, hhhmmm?

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