Monday, December 12, 2011

Just Because: The Huang's and Go's

This is a long over-due full post of a commissioned work I did for a colleague from graduate school and a good friend ever since. No, I did not forget this photo session; and who would when this was one session where an adorable, four-legged, furry dog stole a moment from Pearl and her family. I am talking about Martin, the dog, who peed at my camera bag. In fairness though, I did not think that he had really peed because we were all shouting at him at the very second he was about to answer the call of nature. 

Meet Martin, who had a few minutes of fame. My sister told me that the dog ran away and hid from us after we discovered him. He only came out when we were about to wrap the session. When he approached us he had this slow and timid gait as if he was testing everyone's mood whether we will be mad at him. Of course, we didn't, just look at him...he's all meat and no amount of fur could camouflage it (grin).

Enough on Martin's moment because this session was not for him but it was for Pearl and her family. Pearl and I planned to hold this session on the day that they would be dressed up for a wedding in their family. I could not disagree with it. It would make a picture-perfect ending and I was glad Pearl picked this day for the session. Pearl and Collin made such a lovely couple so I could not resist posing them like it was their wedding. :)

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