Monday, January 02, 2012

{Family}: The Pilot's Are In Town

"Life give us brief moments with another, but sometimes in those brief moment we get memories that last a lifetime..."

I'd like to believe that I gave the family, in one of my last sessions in 2011, the photos that they may treasure forever. Meet the wonderful family in the previous sneak peek, the Pilot's...

But hey, let me back track a little bit because before I got the smiles from the little boy, Louis, we were off with a grumpy start. We attributed his grumpiness to the fact that we woke him up from his afternoon nap. Yes, it was not a good idea, but my friend who was also a high school classmate, Lucille, had a hectic schedule considering that they were just visiting for three weeks. We just had to do it.

The things that parents would do to pacify a kid even if they would be pointing to different directions, confusing? And they would have to pass him over their heads (double grin). A hands-down to Arjen and Lucille as parents because they had great patience and they most certainly knew how to make their kid laugh, to smile, and to have fun.

We had the photo session in downtown Cebu and in a Sunday afternoon in December. December days were short so we were losing light fast. Since I prefer natural light on sessions especially with kids because it's more "au naturale", I had to step out of their zone and let the family be so I can capture their moments alone. It worked. I especially love the series below where Louis was playing with the grasses and he would tease his mom. Louis is one passionate kid too he liked to tackle you down, just like in a rugby game.

At the end of the day, we finally got smiles from Louis. The Pilot's, they are such a beautiful family. I saw the family after the shoot for a couple more times and I am glad that after that not so good start with Louis we are now buddies and he now hams it up for me at the camera. I would like to think we are very good buddies because he would now play nose to nose with me. He's such a cute kid, he'll grow up handsomely as well. :) 

They had to leave and return to their home in Netherlands, it will be long before I would see this family again. So long Argen, Lucille, and Louis. I hope you all had a good flight back home. Thank you to Lucille and Arjen for letting me capture your precious moments as a family and the genuine laughter. I enjoyed your company and the funny banter about how you both end up together. ;)

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