Saturday, February 18, 2012

{Bonding Moments} Chu and Leila

No series of unfortunate events will stop me from sharing this beautiful session. 

It was a Sunday, February 5 when my external hard drive, which contained all my 2012 photo session files, crashed. I had not yet permanently backed up the files. I was absolutely crushed. I tried to retrieve the files on Monday when I realized that there seemed to be no hope except to call in for the help of the experts. That same Monday our province experienced a 6.9 magnitude earthquake, my car got bumped, I was also in a middle of a tsunami panic where I saw people running, screaming, and fearing for their lives. During the time that I had to run for my life from the supposed to be destructive calamity, I all but forgot that earlier on I was so sad because of the lost photo files. At the end of the day, I was glad that we were all safe from the tsunami, but my fight was not over...I had to do all means to retrieve the photo files. During the tsunami panic, I first thought of the safety of my family. There was not much I could do for myself because where I was there was a terrible traffic and there was a big crowd who were running for their lives. I was resigned to the fact that if indeed the tsunami was true, I leave it all up to Him. 

The calamity and the panic make me realize how important our loved ones are to us. Sometimes due to proximity and knowing that we see them each day, we just take them for granted. This makes me appreciate all the more the intention of Chu when she approached me for a photo session with her daughter. She told me about Leila and that her daughter is fighting against the bad C at a very young age. My heart went out for the young girl who by looking at her she is just like a regular and healthy kid. Leila is such an inspiration to me because although she's young, she's one toughie. She'll soon be over with her chemo sessions;  I pray for her health and for the bad C to go away forever. I know Leila will grow up very strong and beautiful, just like her mom. 
Thank you Chu and Leila for welcoming me to be a part of this day. Hugs to both of you. 
 More of the session photos in Facebook.

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