Friday, April 06, 2012

A Weekend in Singapore... visit Far Far Away land.

My sister, a friend, and I went to Singapore because the travel bug bit us again. We took the usual touristy route due to a lack of well-researched itinerary. The trip was actually planned late last year; however, work demands got in the way. We went ahead with the trip unprepared in some ways. Ahem, excuses, excuses. :)

On our first day in Singapore, we tried the Cable car on our way to Sentosa island. We spent our day at the island or rather I had to say at Universal Studios. We did not have time to explore the other areas in the island because we were pre-occupied at checking out every nook and cranny places inside the theme park. We took our own pace and made sure not to miss the fun rides. To be honest, we chickened-out on the roller coaster ride. I influenced our group to ride The Mummy; after the experience, my sister vowed never to ride at it again . We all agreed that the Transformer ride was the best. I would do it again without a blink. It was the coolest ride in all the theme parks that I had experienced. Thank you Bumble Bee and see you again Optimus Prime. :)

I was surprised to find that The Waterworld is still an attraction in the park. The first time I had seen it was in L.A. and that was almost 8 years ago. This could only mean one thing and that the show could still draw a crowd. We had a long day, but it was fun. We capped off the night at The Beach to watch Songs of the Sea. 

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Triple Treat

Every day seems like I'm catching my breath and I keep on running to accomplish things. I miss the simple pleasures and relaxing moments of picking up my camera and creating something from it. I miss those days and I hope that with the turn of events in my personal life, I'll be able to adjust and come back to the joys of photography. 

Project 64 Out of the Box: red orange 

Project 64 Out of the Box: violet red

Project 64 Out of the Box: tan

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