Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Streets of Seoul

"All great thoughts are conceived by walking."
- Friedrich Nietsche -

Time and again, I was reminded how much of an office chair hostage I had been for the last 3 years of my life. Seoul involved a LOT of walking. The first couple of days we did our walking adventure in Seoul, our group always ended up tired and full of muscle pains. It did not help much that there were some subways that would require us to take several plights of steps. We felt old and rickety with our ankle and knee joints almost giving up on us. 

I would not trade all the walking with being comfortably seated in a car nor be on a point-to-point destination for sight seeing. It was during these walks that I got to SEE around some places in Seoul. The vibe was different if you are IN and WITH the crowd of locals and tourists. 

I had become trigger-happy with my camera obviously with the photos posted here. These shots were taken in Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral, on the streets of Namsan, Dongdaemun and its surrounding areas, Bukchon Gahoe-dong, Samcheong-dong, and Myeongdong market. We were billeted in the Namsan area and everyday (morning and evening), it was a place full of life and characters. I liked that there were so many people who like us must be tourists as well. We went to Bukchon for the Hanok villages, but we had walked a lot that we ended up far north to Samcheong-dong. It was a lucky find I must say, we got to visit the park albeit briefly because we were very tired and allergic rhinitis was acting up on me. The walk along Samcheong-dong streets was a pleasant one. There were a lot of interesting sights with all the quaint stores lining up the streets and each store offered a variety of goodies. We stopped by at Kiyama, they offered the tastiest premium cheesecake tart. We devoured a 15000 won dessert in one sitting. Talk of hungry stomachs and it did not help that the dessert was so good. I forgot how pricey it was. 

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