Sunday, May 17, 2015

Seoul at Random

If time will come when memory fails me (forbid it not to happen), photographs will take me back to a time once had been.

South of the places in South East Asia that I'd like to go back on a different season. Everyday during my trip, it's a photo eye candy land. Some of those that caught my eye are the photos above. 
  • A theater of some sort or hall at the Myeongdong market district. The banners, especially the Great Expectations remind me of the interesting and famous Korean TV drama series. 
  • An art installation made of cones. It's the bright orange color that actually attracts me to this. :)
  • I forgot what they called these ball shaped delicacies. They seem cute and tasty to look at, but I never get myself to buy one.
  • The Rubana tailor shop is at the foot of the mid-hill in Namsan area. This looks a European shop to me in the midst of the S. Korean apartments, hotels, and guest houses.
  • Do you see a giraffe? I think only in S. Korea do you find a giraffe installation at a second floor building balcony. 
  • My Boyfriend from Another Star. One of my favorite Korean TV series. 
  • Yummm...I don't know the names of these snacks, but I like them a lot. This is a photo reference when I go hunting for these in my hometown. 
  • My sister and cousin love this K-Pop shop. They spend hours roaming around this very petite shop. They recognize the Korean artists and only the two of them can understand each other. This is a shop at a Myeondong train station where we get off as our final stop. 
  • Hawker stands of food...lots of food. They're yummy too. 
  • There is a cathedral in S. Korea. I'm glad we have attended mass at the cathedral during our trip. 
  • Ohhhh the yummiest cheesecake and the most expensive one I have ever tasted. 
  • Book inspired ceiling light for...oh well inspiration. 
  • Cutie pattootie bunny dolls
  • and lastly when in S. Korea, it's a must try their cafe shops. This one is at the Twosome cafe. The next time I will be back in S. Korea, I will add in my itinerary a cafe-hopping day or days. 

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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Merry Gifts in Summer

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that's why we call it the present." 

Christmas has come too early for me this year, in fact it's here now in April. :) The box, the most awaited box from BB is finally here. As I unbox each box from the big box (I repeat myself too much ), I fee like a kid opening my gifts on Christmas morning. 

- Got a complete line of the Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path and to top it off is my favorite perfume."Reserve" is my go to scent when I feel let down and I want to lift my spirit. It reminded me of a time once when I was in Jakarta, at a time when I thought I have "arrived" at my career/work. Lovely Valentine's gift. 
- The fleece blanket is love...adding up to my two existing collection is the autumn designed and plain beige with square graphics design. It's very warm and humid in PH, but the fleece blankets bring me to autumn and winter in a frigid airconditioned room. What a heartwarming Christmas past gift.
- One gift is not enough (making up for being so far away for a long time), anyhoo got a wallet too for Christmast past. This type of wallet is my favorite, it holds up all my cards and bills. Now, I got to save up and work smart so I will be back in SFO. See you soon...cross my fingers. 
- For my birthday this year, I have an early gift. The old and the new world meets: A Samsung tab and dominos. 
- And lastly, what can a girl ask for more? I got a bag and a very pretty shoes. It's not clear whether this is my early Christmas present for this year...hhhmmm...

I feel blessed & showered with love this summer. I'm overwhelmingly grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Friday, May 01, 2015

I See Pops of Red

When in doubt, choose red...

Some of the red stuff I unconsciously collect:
1. The cutie couple wooden paper clips I got from my autumn trip in South Korea circa 2014. 
2. The Christmas tree nutcracker hanging decor which I pleaded from BB to send it over to me from the US, a triple-treat comb which I like a lot for its function, and some kiddie/happy meal toy I got from a fast food chain which I cannot remember which one. 
3. This rockstar guitarist made of yarn is a remnant of a once keychain. I got this from my Vietnam trip in 2012. I bought this because it reminded me a lot of BB who loves and plays a guitar. 
4. Another cutie keychain I picked up from South Korea 2014 trip and a bunny-head massager which I grabbed from my sister's pile of whatever. 
5. And a pair of owl-eyed socks from South Korea still. :)

I'm not one to declare that red is my favorite color; however, I notice lately that my room and my stuff always have a pop of red. My old and current car is in red paint, my tumblers are in red, I have bought a Mango sheath dress in bloody red out of whim. I have asked for a red shoes from BB years ago when I was in the US, I have only worn it once in PH because heads turn and I have felt awkward at that time. Not a lot likes red, not many can carry red, but as for me I love seeing stuff in red. Well, admittedly except blood. I'm still open to other colors so I don't really think red is my favorite color. One thing for sure, seeing pops of red make me happy. 

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