Sunday, May 17, 2015

Seoul at Random

If time will come when memory fails me (forbid it not to happen), photographs will take me back to a time once had been.

South of the places in South East Asia that I'd like to go back on a different season. Everyday during my trip, it's a photo eye candy land. Some of those that caught my eye are the photos above. 
  • A theater of some sort or hall at the Myeongdong market district. The banners, especially the Great Expectations remind me of the interesting and famous Korean TV drama series. 
  • An art installation made of cones. It's the bright orange color that actually attracts me to this. :)
  • I forgot what they called these ball shaped delicacies. They seem cute and tasty to look at, but I never get myself to buy one.
  • The Rubana tailor shop is at the foot of the mid-hill in Namsan area. This looks a European shop to me in the midst of the S. Korean apartments, hotels, and guest houses.
  • Do you see a giraffe? I think only in S. Korea do you find a giraffe installation at a second floor building balcony. 
  • My Boyfriend from Another Star. One of my favorite Korean TV series. 
  • Yummm...I don't know the names of these snacks, but I like them a lot. This is a photo reference when I go hunting for these in my hometown. 
  • My sister and cousin love this K-Pop shop. They spend hours roaming around this very petite shop. They recognize the Korean artists and only the two of them can understand each other. This is a shop at a Myeondong train station where we get off as our final stop. 
  • Hawker stands of food...lots of food. They're yummy too. 
  • There is a cathedral in S. Korea. I'm glad we have attended mass at the cathedral during our trip. 
  • Ohhhh the yummiest cheesecake and the most expensive one I have ever tasted. 
  • Book inspired ceiling light for...oh well inspiration. 
  • Cutie pattootie bunny dolls
  • and lastly when in S. Korea, it's a must try their cafe shops. This one is at the Twosome cafe. The next time I will be back in S. Korea, I will add in my itinerary a cafe-hopping day or days. 

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