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Piglet said, "Pooh how do you spell love?" and Pooh said, "You don't spell it, you feel it." 

Pooh is right because when you love what you do, nothing and nobody can ruin it; and this is how I feel towards capturing moments and empowering anyone through photography.

I am Bel, the photographer behind ArtsyBelle Images. I use my logical side of the brain quite a lot (sounds like Piglet), but thank goodness my creative mind is bursting to be tapped every chance I get. I like to travel and experience the culture, food, and sights to see anywhere in the world. I like cinematic to cheesy movies. I draw inspiration from books like Paolo Coelho and many other profound authors. I am an avid style/fashion observer, but not necessarily a follower (grin). I love my family including our dogs, Bok and Ham; and most of all, I am a silent dreamer who is working to manifest my dreams each and every day.

ArtsyBelle Images is one of those dreams. I aim to document YOUR real moments as they happen so you can relive the emotions every time you look at your photos. I want to be an instrument in making YOU realize how stunning and amazing YOU are in portraits. I aspire to deliver fab photos that evoke emotion, tell a story, and empower YOU. I want to revolutionize the thought that gorgeous photos are NOT only reserved to the select few. ArtsyBelle Images will make all of these happen by providing you a style that is fresh and chic. Drop me a line or more, I would love to hear from you.

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